Outdoor Living Spaces

17 10 2009

Outdoor living spaces have been very popular in the past few years.  Here’s a look at one which involved a Sunroom Addition and an Outdoor Living Area.  The homeowner wanted to handle some of the finish work, so we took it most of the way, then stepped aside to let him save a few bucks.  We converted an existing covered  deck area into an enclosed room with a foundation, subfloor, walls, windows, etc. for relaxing in the winter (Sunroom).  We then added a post & beam structure with a hip roof to cover the new deck area for outdoor living in all seasons.  The new roof structure included two skylights to bring more daylight to the Sunroom windows.  The structure had to tie into the existing hip corner aligning on the left and intersecting on the right.  In addition to structural and deck footings, we poured a massive footing to support a new masonry fireplace, and a slab to support an existing spa in the opposite corner.

Week One

Week One

Week one, the deck was removed, temporary support posts were installed, the project was excavated, formed, and the foundations were poured.

Week Two/Three

Week Two/Three

Week two, the forms were removed, the new floor & walls were framed, sheathed, and wrapped.

Week three, the existing eaves were cut-back, the post and beam structure was erected, decorative hardware was added, and the roof framing was started.

Week Four

Week Four

Week four, the roof framing was completed, facia, roof sheathing, and felt paper was added.  The deck was framed and a temporary plywood deck was installed.  The masonry fireplace was started.

Week Five, doors and windows were installed, soffits were built, and the roofing and gutters were installed.

We’ll return in the Spring for a finished photo and hopefully a BBQ!

John Weber  www.riorenovation.com




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