The Classic Boathouse

27 04 2010

I am currently rebuilding a classic boathouse on Lake Oswego.  The original structure was built in the 1966 and the sun-deck was improved sometime later.

The chimney and fire-box were crumbling due to the corrosion of internal steel supports.  The sun-deck, papapet walls, and mansard roofs had failed due to a combination of dry-rot, water damage, and carpenter ants initiated by a lack of waterproof membranes,  poor building envelope practices, and time.

Debris removal was handled with a twenty yard dumpster floated-in on a barge.  The deck surface was removed, along with the parapet walls, mansard roofs, soffits, and 40% of the sub-decking.  This filled the dumpster.  The remaining structure was treated for dry-rot and carpenter ants prior to the introduction of any new lumber.

The sub-deck was patched, and the parapet walls were re-framed slightly higher to meet code.  The mansard roofs were re-framed, and the deck was furred and sheeted to achieve a drainage slope.  The chimney was demolished down to middle of the fire box, and rebuilt with a new flue liner and arched masonry supports in lieu of steel.

Corrective measures included ventilated wall and roof assemblies, waterproof membranes, and drainage planes to minimize moisture accumulation.  The parapet walls and mansard roofs were vented using screened blocks and soffit vents at the bottom, and ridge vents at the top.  The cedar shingles were further protected with a “Cedar-Breather” drainage plane, and the parapet siding with a “Hydro-Tex” drainage plane.

Tune-in to see the finishes soon.

John Weber




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