New Tools

23 11 2010

In recent years, innovations in construction tools have seen a quantum leap.  Someone recently asked me which new tools had made the most significant impact in my renovation projects?  My response was “Artillery Tools, Fein Multimaster, and CST/Berger Laser Tools”.  The first two are sometimes considered expensive, but that’s by people who don’t yet own them.  Lasers range in cost, and you get what you pay for.

Artillery Tools have saved me time, money, and wear & tear on my body.  They are a comprehensive, well-engineered system of pry-bars, fulcrums, extension handles, and comfort grips that add power, height, reach, and comfort to the age-old science of leverage.  They reduce my demolition time from days to hours every time use them.  Where I used to deploy a crowbar with one inch of leverage travel, I now deploy an Artillery bar with eight inches of leverage travel.  Instead of removing material in small pieces, I remove material in full sheets.  Invest in a set of Artillery Tools, and you will never pickup a traditional crowbar again.

The Fein Multimaster saves me refinishing costs by limiting collateral damage, and by simply doing a better job than most similar tools.  The Multimaster is the original vibrating multi-tool made by the Europeans.  I use it to cut, scrape, & sand, in tight places, between surfaces, and flat against surfaces where no other tool will do such a clean job.  The only con is the high cost of replacement blades.

CST/Berger Laser tools are made in various configurations to meet different applications.  Most of the laser tools I use are either self-leveling, or are used where leveling is not required.  They save me tons of time in layout.  I use a spinning laser to set grades and elevations, a right-angle laser to set floor patterns, a cross laser to set wall patterns, and a plumb laser to transfer floor to ceiling points.  The only con is replacing batteries every now and then, not bad.

John Weber